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Play the Celtic coaching greats trivia quiz

Test your knowledge of Celtic coaches in a simulated basketball game format, and keep score to see how you rate

Dave Cowens

If one wishes to try the harder All-Star edition of the quiz, try to answer the questions without looking at the multiple choice offerings; extra points only apply as possible if the correct answer to the original question is given first.

Layup-How many titles did Bill Russell win as player-coach of the Celtics?

A) Two B) Four

Dunk-What key member of the 1974 and 1976 champion Celtics later coached the Clippers, Hornets and Cavs, but never Boston?

A) Dave Cowens B) Paul Silas

Reverse layup-Who was the first non-Celtic player, other than Auerbach, to coach Boston to an NBA title?

A) Bill Fitch B) Doc Rivers

Free throw-What NBA team did Bob Cousy serve as head coach, helping develop future Celtic championship point guard Nate Archibald?

A) New York Nets B) New Jersey Nets C) Cincinnati Royals

Free throw-What cerebral former Celtic forward began the 1978-79 season as Boston head coach before Bill Fitch assumed the reins in 1979, then later coached at Harvard?

A) Jimmy Rodgers B) Tom Sanders C) Tom Heinsohn

Jump shot-Who coached the Celtics to their best regular season win total ever?*how many wins for 3-point play

A) Red Auerbach B) Tom Heinsohn C) KC Jones D) Doc Rivers

Jump shot-Which ex-Celtic defensive ace joined Bill Sharman as his assistant for the rival Lakers to comprise the coaching staff of their 1971-72 championship team?

A) Tom Sanders B) KC Jones C) Bill Russell D) Jim Loscutoff

Hook shot-Which of the following members/future NBA head coaches of the 1974 champion Celtics was the only one to serve as head coach of Boston?

A) Dave Cowens B) Don Chaney C) Paul Westphal D) Don Nelson

Jump shot-What ex-Celtic guard guided Boston to the 1991 and 1992 Atlantic Division titles?

A) Chris Ford B) Doc Rivers C) KC Jones D) Jimmy Rodgers

Jumper-Which team did KC Jones guide to a 4-2 win over Boston in the 1975 East finals before losing in a championship series sweep?

A) Chicago B) Washington C) Baltimore D) Cleveland

3-pointer-What team did Red Auerbach coach to the NBA's best record in its inagural season, only to lose in the 1947 playoffs?*where did Red play college basketball for a 4-point play

A) Washington B) Boston C) New York D) Toronto E) Providence

3-pointer-What two great ex-Celtic teammates faced off as head coaches for rival teams in the 1971 ABA Finals?*name the 2 ABA finalist teams for a four-point play

A) Bill Sharman & Bob Cousy

B) Bob Cousy & Tom Heinsohn

C) Tom Heinsohn & Tom Sanders

D) Bill Sharman & Frank Ramsey

E) Tom Sanders & Bill Sharman

27 points is the highest possible score.

Scoring scale:

27 points=1st ballot Hall of Famer

25-26=Jersey retired, Hall of Famer

22-24=Celtic All-Star

18-21=Celtic starter

15-17=Celtic 6th man

12-14=2nd string

9-11=12th man

6-8=3 man sliding roster

3-5=D leaguer

1-2=D league cut

0=1st day cut


Layup-A) Two, in 1968 and 1969. In his first coaching season of 1967, Russell and the Celtics had their run of eight titles in a row snapped by eventual champion Philadelphia in the eastern finals.

Dunk- B) Paul Silas. Silas did replace buddy Cowens as head coach of the Hornets in the mid-1990s.

Reverse layup-A) Bill Fitch, in 1981. Rivers, a solid guard mainly for the Hawks, Knicks and Spurs, won it in 2008.

Free throw-C) Cincinnati Royals. Kansas City Kings would also be acceptable since the Royals moved there in 1972 from Cincy.

Free throw-B) Tom "Satch" Sanders (2-12 in 1978-79 season) preceded player-coach Cowens, who finished the dismal 1978-79 season 27-41 before Bill Fitch took over in 1979 when Larry Legend arrived. Satch had gone 21-27 in 1978 after replacing former teammate Heinsohn, whose excellent nine-year tenure ended following an 11-23 start to the 32-50 1977-78 campaign (Havlicek’s swansong season).

Jump shot-B) Tom Heinsohn (*68). Boston went 68-14 in 1972-73 under Heinsohn, but they lost 4-3 in the eastern finals to eventual champion New York after John Havlicek suffered a severe right shoulder injury.

Jump shot-B) KC Jones joined fellow ex-Celtic Californian Sharman to LA. After pestering Laker great Jerry West with tight defense for years, Jones helped Mr. Clutch win his only NBA title in 1972 as LA posted a then-record 69 victories and captured a still-record 33 in a row.

Hook shot-A) Dave Cowens. Nellie, Chaney and Westphal all had coaching success at other NBA stops. But only Cowens, a player-coach, guided the Celtics.

Jump shot-A) 1981 Celtic NBA champion starting guard Chris Ford led Boston to a 56-26 mark in 1990-91 and a 51-31 record in 1991-92, both division-crown winning campaigns.

Jump shot-B) Washington. The Bullets, formerly in Baltimore, lost 4-0 to Golden State and Rick Barry in a huge Finals upset.

3-pointer-A) Washington (*George Washington). Red guided the Washington Capitols to a 17-game win streak and a 49-11 reord, but they were upset early in the playoffs. Red played at GWU for Bill Reinhart, who helped debelop his fast break philosophy of offense.

3-pointer-D) Bill Sharman & Frank Ramsey (*Utah and Kentucky). Sharman's Utah Stars defeated Ramsey and his home-state Kentucky Colonels for the 1971 ABA crown. Ramsey then retired from coaching after one season. Sharman went on to lead the Lakers to their first NBA title in LA the very next year.

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