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CelticsBlog’s Jeff Clark talks Celtics on Eye On Basketball Podcast

Jeff Clark on Al Horford, Jaylen Brown, and the rebuilding process.

Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The summer doldrums are in full effect. August and September tend to be quiet months for NBA news, but that doesn’t prevent Russell Westbrook from signing his extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder and our fearless leader, Jeff Clark, from appearing on the Eye On Basketball podcast with Zach Harper. They cover:

  • Do people realize just how good Horford is and how good he'll be for the Celtics?
  • How has Ainge done in rebuilding? Is he a good drafter? How do you paint this picture?
  • Was Jaylen Brown the best option for them on draft night?
  • Why was draft night seen as a disappointment?
  • How do the young players for the Celtics shake out? Is it too early to give up on any of them?
  • Where do the Celtics find themselves in the East?

Here’s a little snippet:

ZH: This Celtics team is super interesting and I really am looking forward to this season. What is your prediction where they finish in the East? I know it’s August and predictions are meaningless anyway-

JC: Championship, of course.

ZH: “Championship?” Eastern Conference champs or NBA champs?

JC: (laughs) Atlantic. Is that still a thing?

ZH: Yeah, divisions are still a thing, I think.

JC: No, I’m hoping for either 2nd or 3rd in the East and I’m rooting for a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. Who knows? Anything can happen. Unless a trade happens in the middle of the year or later on this off season, we’re kinda set up to be the next tier down after the Cavs. It’ll be us and the Raptors. So, if there’s no other trades—honestly, who knows—let’s just say we make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

For the rest of the podcast, you can listen below or click the link above for other listening/downloading options.

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