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Thank you to all the readers of CelticsBlog for your support over the years

Jesse D. Garrabrant / Getty

Jeff Clark was kind enough to give me the chance to write for CelticsBlog in March of 2013, but today will be my final day here. I've been hired by The Ringer to cover the NBA as a full-time staff writer.

I'm ecstatic about the opportunity to write about the entire league while working with so many talented creators, but I will miss interacting with the CelticsBlog community.

It was wonderful to publish an article, scroll down the page, and see that it generated conversation or sparked a debate. A lot of people say to never read the comments, but I disagree. Nothing beats joining the conversation. I'll miss your compliments and your criticisms, your arguments over how the Celtics should build their roster, and your passion for the game of basketball.

All of you, the readers, have made this site so enjoyable.

But this isn't a goodbye. It's not like I'm floating away into space, never to be seen again, like George Clooney in Gravity. I'll still poke my head in here every once in awhile to comment on articles, and I hope you'll do the same with me over at The Ringer.

Thank you for everything.

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