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Some potential Celtics trade targets to add shooting

You can always use more shooting in today’s NBA.

Philadelphia 76ers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

The Celtics are shooting much better than anyone could have hoped heading into this season. That has fueled a lot of their recent success. However, it is worth noting (as our old friend Kevin O’Connor did (now writing for The Ringer) that several Cs players are shooting above their career averages and could regress somewhat as the season drags on. Even if they don’t, there’s always room in the modern NBA for more shooting to provide more spacing and give you an edge over your opponent. Kevin looked at some shooter options for the Celtics to consider.

Maybe the Hawks will look to flip Mike Dunleavy after acquiring him from the Cavs (if they don’t buy him out), or perhaps the Nets would give up Bojan Bogdanovic if it meant getting back an asset. And there’s always Omri Casspi, the Kings forward who was reportedly interested the Celtics in November. Nuggets wing Will Barton isn’t a sharpshooter, per se, but he could fill the Swiss-army-knife role left unfilled after Evan Turner’s departure. If they’re unable to land a veteran, Blazers wing Pat Connaughton could be a solid no-risk target (the Celtics worked him out prior to the 2015 draft).

It sounds like the Hawks are intent on keeping Dunleavy for now, but the Bogdanovic name perks up my ears somewhat—though maybe that’s just because I’ve seen him reign 3s on the Celtics at times. I’m sure any of the names above would help, but the cost would be important. Most of the names above are on expiring deals, but the Cs would likely be less inclined to add players with longer term deals into the mix in order to maintain cap flexibility.

It is a shame that Kelly Olynyk isn’t having a better year, but there’s still time for him to pick up his game. The real shame is that R.J. Hunter never panned out, and it sure looks like James Young isn’t going to be the shooting asset that we hoped he’d turn into.

So if you were looking to add shooting, who would you be after and what package would you be willing to give up?

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