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Should the Celtics trade for Carmelo Anthony?

NOPE. But please read anyway.

Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Hey, the Knicks are in the news again. Carmelo Anthony is frustrated and people are starting to wonder if he will waive his no-trade clause and accept being traded out of New York. He says he won’t but that won’t stop people from talking. Logically folks are going to wonder if the Celtics would be interested.

The short answer is NOPE! But that’s a short and boring post, so let’s humor this discussion for at least a little while.

Reasons why this might make some sense (on the surface at least):

1. Boston is looking for a star and Melo is a star-level* player. Declining, but still very good*.

2. The Celtics need a scorer. Melo can score in bunches.

3. In theory, Carmelo could be talked into accepting a trade to the Celtics because it is a near-contending team in a big city not too far away from New York.

4. The Knicks could potentially be willing to move him for less than he’s worth*.

*all subjective terms that can and will be argued for forever

Reasons why Ainge should chuckle, make polite small talk, and think of an excuse to get off the phone.

Carmelo Anthony is an isolation, volume scorer who has never played defense. He doesn’t exactly seem like an ideal fit in the Brad Stevens system. He doesn’t solve the Celtics need for an interior rebounder/defender and he might actually limit Isaiah Thomas’ effectiveness due to his ball dominant style. He also happens to make over $24M this year and that number goes up every year and would also be owed a trade kicker that would raise his salary even more.

So what’s the asking price?

I mean, I guess if it only cost us expiring deals,, ...then maybe it is worth kicking the tires. So what’s the cost?

According to the New York Post:

According to a source, it’s doubtful Boston would give up any of its Nets’ first-rounders, but they can add their own less-desirable 2018 first-round pick, Crowder and expiring deals of Amir Johnson ($12 million) and Jonas Jerebko ($5 million). Knicks owner James Dolan probably would have to add a $3 million sweetener.

“Boston would take a flier, but they aren’t going to give up what the Knicks want,’’ one NBA GM said. “The reality is no one will. A large percentage of teams won’t take him.’’

So Crowder and a pick (plus expirings)? That’s a low enough price to give me pause, but ultimately I’m fine letting passing on the great Melo experiment of 2017.

I think the Celtics can either find better deals at the deadline or in the Summer or simply continue on with the plan of competing now and building through the draft with the Nets picks.

But since this is a blog and we have a comments section I’ll ask: What do you say? Melo or pass?

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