Most Kings Fans are Ready to Deal

Hey everyone,

I'm a contributor over at Sactown Royalty and I believe most Sacramento folks are ready to move DeMarcus Cousins. Rudy Gay's season-ending and career-reducing injury ruined any hopes of a playoff spots for us (don't worry, it's only been 11 years). With Gay's absence, our second best player is probably Darren Collison and a squad with that lack of front-end talent is going nowhere fast.

The Kings also owe their pick to Chicago if it's outside the top ten and Philly has pick-swap rights with us this years as well. Yes, our GMs have been that bad, be thankful for Ainge! Really, the only good trade for Cousins is with your organization, but the trade has to be centered around the BKN pick. Frankly, I'm not too concerned about other pieces, although the deal does need to include one or two other assets, but as long as the '17 pick is there, most Kings fans are happy.

Here's my proposal:

Sac: '17 BKN pick, Smart/Rozier (your preference), '19 LAC or MEM pick (your choice) and Johnson (filler), Jerebko (filler)

Bos: Cousins, and any two of Darren Collison (excellent backup PG, can also play SG) Casspi (one of the best 3P shooters in the league last season, can play SF or PF), Barnes (you don't want him), Tolliver (stretch four, locker room leader) or McLemore (you don't want him either)

What are your thoughts? All of these deals work in the trade machine. It could also be simplified with the players above, but just include Cousins and Casspi and take out Jerebko. You could probably also swap out whichever '19 pick for Zizic as well.

I guess my point is that most Kings fans are hungry for a deal at this point and I want to see if any of these combinations work for your fanbase.

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