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Two Celtics hospitalized with sickness

...and James Young sprained his ankle.

Toronto Raptors v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Most of the Celtics practiced today, but a few of them were not available for one reason or another.

Marcus Smart and Tyler Zeller were both hospitalized with illnesses.

Marcus, he has the bug that has been going around, the GI (gastro-intestinal) bug," said Brad Stevens. "And then Tyler’s had an ear infection and some sinusitis for a while. He was really feeling under the weather yesterday, more so than even in the past couple of weeks, and he’s been battling for a while now. Hopefully those guys get discharged soon and are able to join us ASAP.

Speaking as someone who had the GI bug, I feel for Marcus in particular. That thing knocked me out for a full day, and it was a few days before I was back on my feet.

In other news, James Young sprained his ankle yesterday, so I’m guessing he’ll go on the inactive list. Demetrius Jackson and Jordan Mickey were both called back from Maine.

There was some good news though—Avery Bradley was back practicing.

"[He] felt fine, practiced all the way through, looked good," reported the coach. "We’ve gone through it as a team pretty good. Obviously, Avery missed the last game. We’ve had staff members, players, everybody’s been dealing with it. It’s one of those things when you hang out together all the time."

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