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The most Marcus Smart you’ll get all day...

CLNS made Monday and Tuesday the unofficial Marcus Smart day in our studios. Here’s some tidbits for you to snack on...

Photo Courtesy of Akshay Ram/CLNS Media

With crickets on the Marcus Smart contract extension front, it’s quickly become the unofficial “Marcus “Slim Smarty” week at CLNS Media. Instead of swarming you with several different posts for the onslaught of content released on CLNS about Marcus Smart, I figured I’d give you a dose, in one post, that’ll keep your cravings down for at least 12 hours.

Those of you who are familiar with my broadcasting on CLNS Media and (occasionally) CelticsBlog over the years, know that I’ve been kind of tough on Marcus. Back in Pennsylvania, I’d listen to the media praise Marcus non stop and never really see the media-love translate over to watching on TV from 350 miles away. After moving up to Boston for the Playoffs last season, I got a taste of why the media, coaching staff and front office adore Smart.

It dawned on me, you have to be in the arena to understand exactly what Marcus brings to the Celtics when on the court. He does so much more then television cameras can catch.

This fact has only been furthered, being around the team so much, this preseason and training camp.

I’m officially a member of the Marcus Smart bandwagon. If you’re not, I believe you will be after the video segments below.

Here’s a few short segments to ease your Marcus “Slim-Smarty” cravings.

CLNS Celtics Roundtable:

Celtics Stuff Live- The Original Celtics’ Podcast:

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