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Celtics Stuff Live breaks down the 2nd unit -video

CelticsBlog alumni, Justin Poulin and Jon Duke take a deep dive into the Celtics’ bench.

Boston Celtics v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It’s opening night in the NBA! In typical Brad Stevens style, we are all still trying to figure out minutes and rotations. Justin Poulin and Jon Duke break it down for CelticsBlog.

Jon and Justin preview the season, make their predictions for the number of wins and compare the construct of this team versus last year, specifically in regards to the bench depth. Neither is certain that this team will be any worse defensively, especially with the flexibility so many players have to switch. However, the real debate comes when discussing whether Brown/Tatum can or should be expected to stay in the starting line-up and whether the second unit needs some veteran players to stabilize the defense and still generate offense in the early to mid second quarter. That period of time in the game was particularly troublesome for last season's version of the Celtics who struggled to generate offense with IT4 on the bench and frequently let large leads slip away.

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