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Banners Broadcast 14: Breaking down the Disabled Player Exception

Bobby Manning, Jeff Clark and Keith Smith discuss where the Celtics go from here after Gordon Hayward’s tragic injury one week ago.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Boston Celtics David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics are settling into things after three games in four nights and a historically gruesome injury to Gordon Hayward minutes into the season. With uncertainty hovering over the team going forward, the NBA may be able to provide some relief.

If Hayward is down for the season, Boston can apply for a Disabled Player Exception, a complicated bit of cap relief that could allow the C’s to acquire a player to fill Hayward’s spot even though they’re over the cap. There’s a million catches though, so Smith is here to break them all down.

Using the DPE does not guarantee that Hayward’s season is over, so there is still the question of if he can return, should he?

With feelings still intense one week later, Jeff discusses his article on what the Celts would look like if history reversed and Isaiah Thomas and Markelle Fultz were in green right now. How would we be feeling if Hayward still went down?

We wrapped the show with discussions on Terry Rozier and Kyrie Irving, who have been overwhelming and underwhelming respectively through the team’s early stretch.

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