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Marcus Morris found not guilty in assault trial

The Celtics’ new forward was found not guilty in his assault case against the state of Arizona

News: Marcus and Markieff Morris Trial The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

Maricopa County Supreme Court reached a verdict Tuesday afternoon regarding Celtics forward Marcus Morris and Wizards forward Markieff Morris’ assault case. Both Morris twins were found not guilty on all counts of aggravated assault charges.

Marcus Morris was traded for Avery Bradley back in July and has yet to join the Celtics for practices and preseason games.

The case dates back to January of 2015 when Phoenix police alleged that the Morris brothers and three other men assaulted Erik Hood. The alleged assault took place outside a Phoenix recreation center where Hood and the Morris brothers attended a prep basketball tournament. Defense attorney James Belanger argued that the case was tainted by Hood’s mentor trying to solicit witnesses to implicate the Morris brothers for a cash payment in return.

In a story by Celtics Wire’s Jared Weiss, the most effective testimony was said to come from a video operator at the gymnasium where the assault transpired. The operator saw the assault from afar, and testified that an associate of Hood contacted him and offered compensation if he testified that the Morris twins were involved in the attack.

This post will be updated as more information arises.

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