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Celtic Sunrise: Aron Baynes is the big man we needed

He’s kind of like an Australian Kendrick Perkins.

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Top ‘o th’ mornin’ to ya. Or perhaps I should say, g’day mate!

I thought I’d throw some love to our big bruiser from down under this morning. Aron Baynes is everything that he was billed as and more thus far. He’s huge (“all of Australia” jokes aside) which allows him to out space in the paint. He grabs rebounds at a pretty good clip and does all the dirty work needed to free up Al Horford to utilize his talents better.

I’m especially impressed with Baynes’ pick and pop jumper. The juxtaposition of his hard screens and his soft touch is fascinating. It kind of reminds me of his personality. Hard nosed and tough but also fun loving and good natured.

However, what has garnered most of the attention has been his defense. He’s protecting the paint in a way that we haven’t seen in Boston for years.

via NBCSports

“Baynes was one of the best in the NBA with defending the rim without blocking a ton of shots,” Stevens said. “The whole verticality deal, he’s very good at. And he works really hard at it. He’s a big body when you run into him. So, he’s made a huge difference in our defense; there’s no question about it.”

Here are some highlights.

Of course, nobody is saying that Baynes is the next great center. He might, however, be vaguely reminiscent of Kendrick Perkins. Which is more than fine with me.

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