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NBA releases annual GM survey results, Celtics featured prominently

Coach Brad Stevens in particular.

Charlotte Hornets v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The NBA announced the results of its annual General Manager Survey today, and a number of Boston Celtics were littered throughout. We've gone through the full results from all 47 questions, and pulled out every mention.

They're listed below in two categories, those in which a Celtic garnered enough votes to amass a reportable percentage of total votes (i.e. the top vote getter or a substantive runner up), and those instances in which a Celtics’ player was simply highlighted as receiving additional votes.

We'll start with the former. Percentages of the total vote are included in parentheses.

Top Finishes

  • Boston Celtics voted as the second best team in the Eastern Conference (10% 1st place, 79% 2nd place, 8% 4th place)
  • Boston Celtics voted second in best overall moves this summer (25%)
  • Kyrie Irving voted fourth in addition most likely to have the biggest impact on team performance (7%)
  • Boston-Cleveland trade voted most surprising move of the offseason (45%)
  • Jayson Tatum voted second in rookie most likely to be the best player in five years (21%)
  • Brad Stevens voted second best head coach at make in-game adjustments (31%)
  • Brad Stevens voted coach running the third best offensive system (10%)
  • Brad Stevens voted coach with the sixth best defensive schemes (3%)
  • Kyrie Irving voted third most desirable player to have taking the final shot with a game on the line (7%)

Also Receiving Votes

  • Jaylen Brown as player most likely to have a breakout season in 2017-18
  • Gordon Hayward to Boston as most surprising move of the off season
  • Jason Tatum as most likely to win Rookie of the Year
  • Jason Tatum as most likely to bee the biggest steal relative to draft position
  • Marcus Smart as best perimeter defender
  • Brad Stevens as head coach that is best manager/motivator of people
  • Kyrie Irving as player fastest with the ball
  • Marcus Smart as toughest player in the NBA

Now is as a good a time as any to remember that these rankings are fairly inconsequential, though they do give a brief glimpse inside the minds of executives throughout the league. Their perception of players and teams has a major influence on trade and free agency markets, and in that sense these results do hold some value.

Feel free to share your thoughts on how you feel the GM's did in the comments below.

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