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Celtic Sunrise: A quick peek at the NBA standings

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Washington Wizards Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

(Puts on the most convincing innocent face I can muster)

Hey, you know what totally random thing we could do this morning? How about we look at the NBA standings?

(Calls up

[audible gasp]

Well looky here! The Celtics are standing at the top of all the standings. I suppose that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise after a 10 game winning streak. [giggles]

Oh, and look down there. All the way down in 11th place, well out of the playoffs (if they started today), is the Cleveland Cavaliers. I’m shocked, SHOCKED I SAY!

Ok, ok, my gloating is done. I’m sure the Cavs will figure some things out and have some things that they won’t figure out. They will make the playoffs (barring catastrophic events) and LeBron makes them the favorites no matter what. But hey, if they are struggling it gives the rest of the East some hope and it gives us something to snigger about.

Surprisingly good teams (early on edition) include the Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic, and Memphis Grizzlies. Surprisingly bad teams (early on edition) include the OKC Thunder, Milwaukee Bucks, and the aforementioned Cavs. The rest of the league is either about where we thought they’d be (Warriors, Rockets on one end, Bulls, Hawks, Kings, and Mavs on the other). The rest can be found in the muddy middle where it is too soon to tell too much.

On a side note, the Lakers have the 9th worst record in the league (tied with the Cavs ...yup). We’ll have to keep an eye on that all year long for the #lakerspick.

Feel free to use this post to share your thoughts and impressions of the teams around the league. Have a great day.

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