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The developed game of Jayson Tatum (video)

Jayson Tatum’s refined skill set continues to impress

Image Courtesy of CLNS Media

BOSTON - The Boston Celtics defeated the Charlotte Hornets in a surprise comeback win Friday night. With Kyrie Irving out after taking an elbow to the nose, Al Horford still out with concussion and Gordon Hayward shooting from a chair, the Celts had to dive deep into the bench to stay close to the Hornets.

Irving’s departure left Jayson Tatum an opportunity to shine. Over the course of the C’s 11 game win streak, with ever game, Tatum shows another side of his game that Celtics fans can be excited about.

Jared Weiss and Julian Edlow take a look at the rapidly evolving game of Jayson Tatum, as he was called upon in crunch time.

Jayson Tatum spoke to the media following the game...

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