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Banners Broadcast 16: The Brad Stevens effect

The Banners Broadcast breaks down what about Brad Stevens makes him successful, and on a massive win streak what problems could come up for the C’s?

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The Celtics are on an absolute roll. What kind of role has Brad Stevens played and what is his biggest strength coaching another winning team through adversity? Also, what possible issues could emerge for the Celts later? We have to nit-pick somehow.

Show log:

Tatum ankle 1:40-3:00

Stevens impact 3:00-5:00

Irving defense 5:00-6:51

Depth 6:51-7:33

Baynes kicking butt 7:33-11:15

Defensive dominance 11:15-14:33

Ojeleye 14:33-17:00

Brown 17:00-19:30

Bird? 19:30-21:20

Where could this team struggle going forward? 21:36-end

Matt Chin joins me to hit on all the factors that have joined Stevens to produce this record win streak, including Kyrie Irving’s sensational defensive start and production deep down the roster from the likes of Daniel Theis and even Jabari Bird.

Then there’s Aron Baynes, who has been a revelation for this team. Even with him not being the prototypical mold of a big man on this roster, he’s helped lead a defensively dominant roster.

We also hit on Semi Ojeleye as he enters a bigger role with the Celts missing bodies, along with Jaylen Brown’s second season to date.

With everything going right, what could possibly go wrong later in the season? We tried to forecast that as well.

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