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Gordon Hayward is going to be around the Celtics a lot (video)

Celtics fans have had many questions regarding Gordon Hayward’s injury and recovery. He answered all of them and more.

NBA: Boston Celtics-Press Conference Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

WALTHAM - The Boston Celtics media gathered on Thursday morning for their first opportunity to speak with Gordon Hayward since his opening night injury. Hayward, who was featured earlier Thursday on NBC’s Today Show, looks to be recovering well and in good spirits.

In what played out to be a lengthy press conference, Gordon took the media, blow by blow, through his gruesome injury and what the days have been like since. True to his reputation as candid, authentic and thoughtful, Gordon took equally as much time in speaking with the local media as he did with Matt Laurer on similar subjects.

I had the opportunity to close the press conference with a question. I remembered back in the tail end of the Larry Bird era, whether recovering from double foot surgery or suffering from a series of debilitating back injuries, “The Legend” would rarely be seen on the bench if he wasn’t suited up. More recently, Kevin Garnett was visibly uncomfortable in a suit on the pine when forced out due to looming knee surgery. I figured fans would want to know if they’d catch Hayward in some designer kicks court side. Hayward answered, “I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do that.”

We’ve not been able to get even a tiny glimpse of what Hayward can bring to the Celtics on the court but we are finding out that, through how he handles adversity, a real class act has moved to the city of Boston.

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