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Banners Broadcast 17: Invalid win streak?

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Is Brad Stevens right? Could we ask even more of the Celtics after 15 straight wins?

NBA: Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Banners Broadcast continues to nitpick just as Brad Stevens does, even though the Celtics seemingly cannot lose right now.

Kyrie Irving is closing games, but could the Celtics use more from him with their low-rated offense? What kind of boost has Marcus Morris given the team, and is it him or Jayson Tatum in the final 5?

Also, how in the world is Marcus Smart +113 while shooting 28%?

1:00-4:27 Brad Stevens: "invalid" win streak

4:27-10:34 Could Boston use more from Irving?

12:08-17:33 The Marcus Morris effect

17:33-23:20 Smart missing and helping

23:20-26:50 Jaylen Brown's big week

26:50-31:00 Win streak's meaning and could they use a loss?