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Banners Broadcast 18: The Pistons threat and Avery Bradley’s return

Andrew Doxy answers key Celtics questions from our staff, and we recruit Duncan Smith to see how big of a threat Detroit is to Boston in the East. Also, checking in on old friend Avery Bradley.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Avery Bradley in blue-and-red lining up against Kyrie Irving in green half a year after they squared off on opposite sides of the Celtics-Cavaliers East Finals put in perspective how wild and earth-shattering the offseason was to the conference.

Detroit is good again, Bradley has developed a dynamic with a rejuvenated Andre Drummond and with a blowout 4th quarter, the Pistons are on Boston's doorstep.

Duncan Smith joined The Banners Broadcast this week as the Bradley-Marcus Morris trade played out on the court for the first time and the C's played tribute to AB for seven seasons in green. Is Detroit a threat to surpass the Celts in the dynamic of the East?

In the front-end, Andrew Doxy joined us for some staff questions ranging from the bench's scoring issues, Terry Rozier's big week, Marcus Smart's position on the team, the Tatum/Brown dynamic and the shooting lulls of the squad.

Here's Episode 18's tracklist:

0-6:00 Pistons loss reaction

6-12:08 Bench worries

12:08-18 (Another) Smart discussion

18-24 Tatum or Brown?

24-30 Offensive issues and Gordon Hayward

Duncan Smith

30-34 How the Pistons are so good?

34-40 Drummond's dominance

40-44 Stan Van Gundy

44-48 Bradley

48-50 Expectations

50-53 Impressions of Morris trade

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