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Create your own Kyrie Irving quote - Mad Libs style

Because every woke, reality based person loves Mad Libs.

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Before this season, I never realized how oddly quotable Kyrie Irving can be. From being “reality based” to “very much woke,” he’s delivered some wonderful one-liners and some head scratching soliloquies.

His latest is actually a quote from Theodore Roosevelt:

It occurred to me that part of the fun of Kyrie is that he inserts seemingly incongruent words into phrases that oddly fit together like a lovely mosaic.

Put another way, some of his quotes sometimes sound like Mad Libs.

So for fun, I thought I’d create my own Mad Libs from a sampling of his quotes. Feel free to try this at home.

Step 1: Ask someone to give you words to fill in the following blanks.

  • noun - occupation
  • verb
  • noun - person or people
  • noun - person or people
  • verb
  • noun - something woke sounding
  • verb - negative connotation
  • noun - person or people
  • noun - place or location
  • proper name
  • verb
  • verb
  • adjective

Step 2: Fill in the words below. Hilarity ensues.


As a 25-year-old evolving man coming in to perfect my [noun] every single day, I just wanted to be in an environment where I feel I could be [verb] every single day, and have that demand from the [noun], and have that demand from the [noun] that would propel me to [verb] my potential and seeing how far I can go.

I have a presence and aura about me that’s very [noun]-based.

I'm not here to [verb] anybody or to go at any particular [noun] or [noun], because I have nothing but love for [proper name].

There comes a time where you [verb] as an individual, it's time to make that decision. And there is no [verb] from that standpoint. There is no time to figure out how to save someone's feelings when ultimately you have to be [adjective] in figuring out what you want to do.

[share your best in the comments below]

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