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Who is the MVP of the Celtics win streak? (video)

Josue Pavon and Nick Gelso debate the MVP discussion for the C’s 10-game win streak.

BOSTON - It took 2 games for Gordon Hayward’s season ending injury to set in with the Boston Celtics. Keeping Gordon as inspiration, the Celts have since moved on to compile 10 consecutive wins and a league leading record.

Now 10-2, the C’s injury list is getting more and more congested. Following the Celtics’ win over the Lakers, Brad Stevens talked about Al Horford’s concussion protocol and Jayson Tatum’s ankle injury (now deemed not quite as serious as the “walking boot” statement led to believe). Kyrie Irving told the media about his sore leg and Gordon Hayward is still shooting out of a chair. In Wednesday’s post game press conference, Brad Stevens’ joked

Recently, it’s seemed that with every win the C’s add to their current streak, a big injury follows. How are the Celtics still winning? Who’s the MVP of this team? Josue Pavon and Nick Gelso debate it.

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