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NBA trade rumors season is coming, will the Celtics be quiet?

If the Celtics ain’t broke, will that stop Danny Ainge from trying to fix it?

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn’t already know, December 15th is the first day that teams can trade most of the free agents that just signed this offseason. Or as Bill Simmons likes to call it “Trade Machine Day.”

On December 15, NBA teams can officially trade almost anyone signed from last summer. Any type of player ranging from Johnson (one year, $11 million) to Tim “I’m Overpaid but Fun to Have Around” Hardaway Jr. (four years, $71 million) to Nerlens “I’m Very, Very Available” Noel (one year, $4.2 million) to Old Man Vince Carter (one year, $8 million) to Token Handshake Specialist (one year, $1.4 million) can be crammed into any deal.

There has been next to no trade buzz surrounding the Celtics and for good reason. The team was so radically revamped this summer that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to change things up too much until we know what we have. Also, so far everything we have seems to be working pretty well. Finally, we don’t even know everything we have yet because our Max free agent has only played 5 minutes and may not see the court till next season.

So if it ain’t broke, will Danny Ainge still try to fix it? He might. I wouldn’t put anything past him (like never ever again after this summer).

The obvious name to keep one half of an eye on is Anthony Davis, but the Pelicans are hovering around .500 and the Boogie-Brow experiment has worked reasonably well thus far. So no breath holding here.

Chances are good that the Celtics will at least kick the tires on using the Disable Player Exception. For more details on that, please see Keith Smith’s excellent work here. A blurb is below but the whole article is worth a look.

Some of have suggested that the Celtics will wait until the trade deadline, see what players shake loose that fit in the DPE slot and make a move then. Or they could wait until after the trade deadline and let it carry over into buyout season. Every year several veterans go untraded and then work a buyout to join a playoff contender. By having the full $8.4 million DPE, Boston would easily have the most money to offer of any playoff team. That alone could land them a player who might otherwise choose to go elsewhere.

See even more here.

Again, I haven’t seen the Celtics brought up in any rumors (realistic or not) but that could change in the next few days or weeks. With Marcus Morris out, the team could always use some veteran help.

So what players would you like the Celtics to target? Got any trade ideas you want to share with the class? Feel free to suggest them below (and be kind to others’ ideas please - not everyone is as brilliant as you).

Happy Trade Machine Season.