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Banners Broadcast 20: The Shane Larkin effect

Shane Larkin reminded everybody his -13 turned into a +13 against the Grizzlies on Saturday. Brad Stevens has not hid his praise of Larkin’s ability to change speeds and control pace in his first year back in the NBA. This week’s Banners Broadcast focuses on his impact.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Chicago Bulls Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

A player whose impact isn't always evident on the stat sheet has become a familiar archetype for Celtics fans, between the systematic impact of players like Al Horford and Marcus Smart.

Now, Shane Larkin has returned to the fold after a back injury, a player Brad Stevens has lauded for his ability to adjust speeds and control the pace of the game on the ball.

Jared Weiss, formerly of CelticsBlog and now with the Celtics Wire returned to The Banners Broadcast to analyze Larkin one night after he made sure to let me know his -13 night transformed into a +13 in the second half against Memphis. Weiss also broke down the bench, Marcus Morris' absence and street-ball style, along with the topic of rest and player management.

CelticsBlog editor Simon Pollock made his debut in the second half, with the crucial question of who's your new Celtics wrestling partner now that Brandon Bass (once the consensus) is gone?

Pollock also looks back on his Jaylen Brown article in the wake of his friend's passing, and the impact Brown has had on the C's this year. He also gives his take on the best thing about this Celtics season so far, since it's obvious what the worst part was.

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Show log:

0:48-6:25 Monologue

6:40-9:56 Larkin

9:56-16:36 Defensive issues

16:36-21:13 Morris absence

21:13-23:36 Rest

27:00-27:30 Welcome Simon Pollock

27:30-36:16 Brown

36:16-40:48 Best part of this season?

40:48-46:26 Gordon Hayward

46:26-48:00 Angry Rajon Rondo aside

48:00-49:57 Wrestling partner?

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