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The Celtics top needs going into 2018 (video)

Jimmy Toscano and I compiled the Boston Celtics Christmas Day "wish list." A seriously light segment leading up to tip off of Celtics vs Wizards

Image courtesy CLNS Media

BOSTON - When Gordon Hayward went down, five minutes into the Boston Celtics opening night, most started writing the C's off. With the loss of Hayward, the NBA media had the Celts dwelling on the bottom of the Eastern Conference. Charles Barkley had their season over before it even began. Kyrie Irving, Al Horford and the C's youth had bigger plans in mind.

36 games later, the Celtics are 27-9, tops in the eastern conference and continue to impress all the doubters.

That said, after rolling off 16 straight victories, the C's have been thrust into the the most grueling portion of any team in the NBA (less the 76ers). In their last 6 six games, leading up to their Christmas Day matinee, Boston is .500 and showing signs of injuries and fatigue.

Fatigue, injuries and lack of practice time have all been a factor in the C's barely even record of late.

As we are now at the unofficial start of the NBA season (Christmas Day), Jimmy Toscano and I sat down for a lengthy segment, compiling a "wish list" of sorts.

So, what are you hoping for the Celtics in 2018?