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Rumor: Celtics may consider Jared Sullinger “down the line”

Anyone want more of Sully?

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Having missed out on Andrew Bogut the Celtics reportedly do not have a “Plan B” option in the free agent market. There does, however, appear to be “break glass in emergency” option. Old friend Jared Sullinger could be an option that they’d consider (though the interest sounds tepid at best).

via Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald

The source said that free agent forward Terrence Jones is off the table, though management hasn’t ruled out the possibility of adding Jared Sullinger — the former Celtic traded from Toronto to Phoenix and then bought out — “somewhere down the line if it is needed.”

“But there’s nothing imminent, (the Celtics) will continue looking and see what happens,” said the source, who added that the Celtics may be forced to improve their rebounding with their existing personnel.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not sure I could see the Celtics bringing back a guy that they just let walk a few months earlier, especially since injuries have prevented him from proving that he’s in shape and capable of contributing.

In particular, this report from Jay King sounds all-too-familiar.

Sullinger's year started with preseason foot surgery. After returning from the injury, he failed to help the Toronto Raptors, got traded to the Phoenix Suns, and ultimately received a buyout from the Suns. A Raptors source indicated the team grew frustrated with Sullinger's commitment to conditioning as the season progressed.

However, stranger things have happened (see Antoine Walker’s return).

Sullinger would (in theory) help with rebounding and he knows the Brad Stevens system as well as most of the current roster. So there would be minimal disruption in the locker room.

Still, if he’s heaving several 3 pointers per game at a 27% clip, I’m not going to be overly thrilled to see him back in Boston.

As the source said, there’s nothing imminent here. The team will explore other options first (primarily just getting better on the glass with the current roster). Just keep an eye on the fact that the C’s are apparently leaving this door open a crack.

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