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League “looking into” Rajon Rondo’s “stretch” in Bulls-Celtics Game 3

Rajon Rondo was as close-and-personal as he could be to the court during Game 3 with his massive cast restricting any movement in his right hand. His legs were free to fly, though, as he sat on the Chicago bench in a dark-red blazer. His kick as Jae Crowder ran by him has people’s heads turning, mostly because it’s Rondo. Now the league is looking into it as well.

Chicago Bulls v Boston Celtics - Game One Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Out of mind, but not out of sight.

Rajon Rondo surged back into the consciousness of every Celtics fan after Game 2. Playoff Rondo proved to be a legitimate fear in this series. He was cutting off passing lanes, swirling tremendous passes all over the court, and jump-starting Chicago’s offense that went on a whirlwind journey this season.

It was a nightmare. Revenge for the trade to Dallas. A last push at another contract that isn’t a one-year test. Whatever it was, it disappeared as quickly as it began. Somewhere in the course of his terrorization of Boston, perhaps this play, Rondo broke his right finger. Just like with his torn ACL and shoulder injury while scrapping with Dwyane Wade back in 2011, he finished the show with nobody having a clue until we all woke up Friday morning.

All reports indicate he’s done for the series, but he’s reminding everybody he’s still there. In the form of moral, and lower-body support.

Rondo’s excuse, very tongue-in-cheek, can be seen in the above video as well: “When you tear an ACL, your legs get stiff on you every once in a while ... I stretched my leg out. I also do that throughout the game. I guess he was so deep into our bench, it looked maybe whatever may have happened."

The tension is hotter than the summer sun on the block. Crowder hasn’t responded, but he did have his feet on the Chicago sideline as he was running by after he drilled the baseline jumper.

It’s interesting because way back in 2014 this whole thing got started when Rondo was traded from Boston for a first-round pick that became Guerschon Yabusele and a bench wing named Crowder.

Apparently, the league is now looking into the exchange.

If the league calls in Gerald Green as a witness, they won’t be getting anywhere. When asked if Rondo tripped Crowder at Celtics practice Saturday, Green pleaded the fifth.

Again, all reports indicate that Rondo is done for the series. That huge cast he wore on the bench seems to affirm that. As well as him saying he can’t even pick up a fork right now, but he hasn’t completely ruled himself out.

It’s bananas that Rondo had the kind of impact on the series that would worry me about a sneaky return later in the round. That’s Rondo though, never able to fade away completely.

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