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Help Wanted: Write for CelticsBlog!

We need your help.


Apply here!

CelticsBlog has a large, diverse staff of writers. I’m very proud of our team and I do my best to give them the guidance, resources, and encouragement they need to make the most of their talents as writers. But like any GM of a team, I can see where our roster has holes and what kinds of skills we could use if we were to add someone to the staff.

For this blog, what we need is someone dedicated to covering breaking and developing news stories - in particular when they occur during the day. I think the job posting has a great description of what we’re looking for.

This is a big part of what we do here. We are frequently one of the first sites to post reactions and news stories about the teams we cover. The idea is to provide a platform for breaking news or rumor discussions as they pop up throughout the day. A writer who takes control of this journalistic weapon will often be in charge of setting the tone for discussions on our site, a tone that often can permeate the broader media landscape.

A writer who wants to be involved with this aspect of the site will need a flexible schedule, particularly during the workday when news typically breaks. Our goal is to have a post ready to be published very soon after a story breaks. These types of posts aren't 2,500 word diatribes. Sometimes a couple hundred words (2-3 paragraphs) can be very effective in starting the discussion, with more detailed analysis coming later in the day or even the day after.

Key skills here are a nose for news and the ability to quickly put together a coherent first story.

Candidates for this position may be asked to cover breaking news stories at various points of the day, including post-practice stories featuring player/coach quotes, injury updates, and more. Flexible availability and enthusiasm is encouraged.

Apply here and please be prepared to provide examples of your writing. If you haven’t written for a blog, I’d strongly encourage you to get experience through writing FanPosts right here on CelticsBlog (which are occasionally featured on the front page).

If you are selected, I’ll do what I can to help you work on your craft as a writer and provide whatever guidance I can in your career. Best of luck!

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