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Could Terry Rozier or Kelly Olynyk be the magic bullet in the starting lineup?

Brad Stevens said yesterday that there may be no changes to the starting lineup, but an injection of youth could be what the Celtics need to prevent their slow starts.

Boston Celtics v Washington Wizards - Game Three Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Brad Stevens has again hinted to a possible lineup change. With Rozier and OIynyk sparking a 1st half run in Game 4, could one of them get called up to be a starter tonight?

Bill Sy: Olynyk probably won’t because he’s the second unit’s Horford, but Rozier could get the nod. He’s been fiery and aggressive in this series and could be exactly what the Celtics need to open up the game. He’s not exactly the best option to run point, but with the starters, he’d be leaned on to hit open shots (10-for-21 on threes in the post-season) and get the first crack at slowing down John Wall.

Jeff Clark: First and foremost, the slow starts and 26-0 run were less to do with Amir or Gerald and more to do with team-wide focus. With that said, I want to see Rozier or Brown because both can add an element of athleticism and defense. Maybe that messes with the bench rotations but you can always dust off Jerebko if needed.

Boston Celtics v Washington Wizards - Game Four Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Sean Penney: Rozier should remain with the bench unit to ensure that he's on the court for any of the limited time that Isaiah is out getting a breather. Olynyk would be an better option to start over Amir, although I'd prefer to see Jaylen Brown get a chance.

Keith Smith: At this point, I'm not sure it matters. What matters is that the team remains focused and avoids live ball turnovers that turn into a tidal wave of fastbreaks the other way. I'd give consideration to starting Jaylen Brown, if the the team is committed to switching everything. But he's gotten lost on defense several times in the series and it has gotten him pulled out immediately.

Lachlan Marr: I thought we would see Olynyk start in Game 4, obviously that didn’t happen and the Celtics lost that game. These two things aren’t necessarily related but I have been slightly disappointed to see very few big adjustments being made by Brad when things aren’t working. The playoffs can be won and lost by slight adjustments and after a lacklustre performance from the roster in Game 4 I’m hopeful that Stevens is a little more willing to shake things up in Game 5.

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