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Amir Johnson to start for Celtics in game 5

Johnson tapped again despite game 4 performance

NBA: Playoffs-Boston Celtics at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Amir Johnson started for Game 4 and while the Celtics are in need of interior play and rebounding, the 6’10” Johnson only saw 12 minutes. Here’s a few things he’ll need to improve on if he wants to up his minutes, contribute to the team, and secure a win in Game 5.

Stevens keeps rotating bigs to keep this from happening. Al Horford only big in on this clip, to counter, you preach gang rebounding and a pack the paint mentality, resulting in Otto Porter, one of the league’s best three-point shooters, having a wide open look.

Amir only played 12 minutes and a big reason for that is because of plays like this. While Johnson hit his only three point attempt on a corner three, he’s not that much of a threat on offense, he earns his minutes with his size and defense. However, if he’s going to be this ineffective defending a drive to the rim on a switch, I don’t see how a big man who has 12 rebounds in this entire playoff run can justify staying on the court.

His PnR defense is going to have to improve as well, on this play he’s switched onto John Wall and doesn’t really do much of anything, staying in no man’s land, leaving Wall a chance to dribble into an open 15-footer.

There’s no doubt that Stevens had the entire team breaking down film from the beating the C’s got a couple of nights ago. If Johnson can manage to up his play, there could be a chance for a Game 5 win.

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