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Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford want to cross the finish line

The Celtics are looking for their first road win against the Wizards this season

Washington Wizards v Boston Celtics - Game Two Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Before shootaround today at Georgetown University, leaders of the Celtics spoke about how important it is that they close this series out on the road in Game 6. Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford seem locked in and they weren’t afraid to speak on the matter:

The man in the middle spoke confidently and with clarity, as well:

Both players are well aware that the home team has won over the course of the last 8 times that these two teams have faced off against one another. Nonetheless, they’re pushing themselves and their teammates by setting the bar high and eyeing the first road win.

Securing that win won’t be easy, Avery Bradley is reportedly still battling those hip pointers:

Wall, Beal, and Co. aren’t going to roll over, especially after getting trounced in Game 5. The C’s will have to withstand the Wizards early barrage that seems to happen every game, but if the mentality that IT and Horford displayed in their conversations with the media affects their teammates, they could be moving on to the conference finals.

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