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Boston Celtics wear all black everything to Game 6 vs. Washington Wizards

The Boston Celtics came decked out in all-black as they arrived to the Verizon Center ahead of Game 6 Friday, a forming a cloud of shade around the Wizards after Washington did it to them in January.

Washington, D.C. — Another Celtics-Wizards matchup, another funeral.

The Boston Celtics came to Washington rocking all black, an homage to the Wizards doing the same to them back in January after declaring ahead of time that the game would be a funeral. With the Celtics pushing the Wizards’ season to the brink in Game 6 Friday, it appears the Cs wanted to be respectful before taking out their enemy.

Not that they would ever admit to it.

“I had nothing else to wear,” Gerald Green told reporters. “I don’t know why you’re asking me. I had nothing else to wear.”

When pressed further, Green expressed a sarcastic sense of surprise.

“I don’t know nothing about nothing man. I didn’t even realize everybody was wearing all black. I just didn’t know that’s what everybody wore. That’s what everybody wore?”

When CelticsBlog asked Green if he could think of any recent example of a team wearing all black to a game, he was able to dig deep into the cobwebs of his memory to find the answer.

“I think the Wizards did that to us. That’s the last time I know.”

Avery Bradley claimed he was caught by surprise to see such a remarkable coincidence.

“I think it just happened, that everybody just happened to be wearing it. Maybe. I don’t know. Yeah, everybody just, I don’t know. It wasn’t planned. Kind of weird. I didn’t notice it until people started saying something about it.”

When Bradley was pushed against the wall by the aggressive media, he double down.

“Really, I wear black to every game to be honest. So I don’t know. Terry pointed it out to me. I didn’t realize it. I promise, man. I promise you guys.”

Coach Brad Stevens seemed actually surprised at his presser.

“Yeah I’m not on the text chain, by design,” he said. “I still haven’t heard anybody talk about it, so I don’t even know what the deal is.

“I’m being dead honest. I didn’t hear anybody talk about it because there wasn’t many guys on the bus I took.”

Even if Stevens had been forewarned, he wouldn’t have been the guy to come up with such a “creative” idea.

“They don’t consult me on fashion, surprisingly, nor do I get the memo.”

It looks like everyone, including the Wizards, has gotten the memo now.

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