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Celtics win the lottery! Is Markelle Fultz the answer?

After a big lottery win do the Celtics have to look any further than Markelle Fultz?

NCAA Basketball: Washington at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re reading this CONGRATS! The Celtics just landed the number one pick in the draft. The curse has been lifted and now the rest of the league will now fear that we’ll either be drafting a player that will terrorize them for the next 8 years at least, or trading the pick for a superstar to add to the youngest one seed ever. If there was ever a time to pump out your chest and gloat as a Celtics fan, now is it.

Chances are the Celtics will make this selectionand if you’re one of those people that hasn’t watched much college basketball because you know, it’s boring, then i’ll make this easy for you. Don’t bother researching for hours on Youtube, going through endless scouting reports, and eyeing every single workout, the pick is already in. So without furhter ado, let’s all welcome Markelle Fultz to the Celtics!!

Okay, it’s obviously too early to call a draft, but Fultz is the consensus number one pick around the league, and barring any injures, nothing is going to change. For those of you unfamiliar with his game, here’s a quick primer:

Markelle Fultz: 23.2ppg, 5.7rpg,5.9apg 47.6 FG%, 41.3 3p%, 64.9 FT% , 9.1 BPM, 31.9 Usage%, 35.5 AST% (via Baketball-reference)

Height: 6’3 12 (posisbly 6’5 now via Draftexpress); Wingspan: 6’9 34 ; Weight: 185


I’ll try not to get into hyperbole, but Fultz does everything well on the basketball court. He can play either guard spot, shoot on and off the dribble, pass, rebound, score at the rim, get to the line, and has the tools to be a strong defender. Fultz was asked to do everything for the Washington team and went out on a nightly basis and put the team on his back offensivley. They’ll be some chatter about how bad his team was and how he deserves part of the blame, don’t buy it. That Huskies team was one of the worst in the country and there’s a reason Fultz is the only player you’ll here about making the jump to the pros. Fultz can do it all, has shown he can do it all, and has the type of game that be integrate into any teams system.


Fultz weirdly struggles from the free throw line which is bizzare for a guy who shots over 40% from three. I’m willing to guess that this won’t be a big issue, but he is averaging over 6.7 attempts per game and shot 64.9% so it is something to watch. Other than that, Fultz will of course need to get stronger like all teenagers and there’s been some criticim about his lack of defensive intensity but I also think you can attribute that to the fact that his team as a whole didn’t defend, and when you ask a player to carry you offensivley, it’s hard for that player to then carry that team on the defensive end.

Fit with the Celtics?

As we know the Celtics have no shortage of guards and to some the thought of adding another one seems counterproductive. However, this Celtics team has shown time and time again that they don’t confom to the idea of positions and lineups are made by a measure of who you can guard rather than what you’re tradionally classified as. Fultz will play seamlessly with any of Boston’s guard because he can either play on or off ball and still be effective and he has the size to defend 1-3 on the other end. Celtics have been desperatley lacking another guy who can create for himself and others, Fultz provides that without costing the Celtics all of their cap space.

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