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CelticsBlog’s Eastern Conference Finals predictions

The Celtics have home court advantage and they’re playing with house money. How far can they go?

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The national media is giving the Celtics much of a chance in the conference finals. What's your series prediction?

Jeff Clark: I hate picking against the Celtics but I'm thinking that if Boston can pick up two wins along the way, that's about the most you can ask for. So I guess I'll go Cavs in 6 and hope I'm wrong (in a good way).

Keith Smith: The Celtics are on a magical run. This is a fun team that plays hard every game and loves playing together. Unfortunately, that probably isn't enough to beat the defending champs. Homecourt advantage helps a lot. I think the Celtics win Game 1 (taking advantage of Cleveland's long layoff) and Game 5 (in a last stand type of moment) at home, but the Cavaliers win in 6. But...if Boston can get it to a Game 7, at home, with the leprechauns and history, who knows what can happen?

Lachlan Marr: You know what, I don’t believe it and I have little evidence to support it but I’m going to say the Celtics are going to get the win. If it turns out to be true, then I’m a genius, and if it turns out more like everyone is predicting then I’m just another homer who refuses to accept reality so I’m going to say it, Celtics in 7. That felt good.

Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Sean Penney: If you told me before this season started that the Celtics would end up playing in the Eastern Conference Finals I would have been thrilled, so no matter what happens from here on out this year has been a success. I know Boston has the championship or bust mentality, but we can't lose sight of what the front office is building toward in the long run and credit this team for taking a tremendous step. Is it possible that Boston could upset Cleveland? Sure, anything's possible (just ask KG). Don't count on it though, or be fooled into thinking the Celtics are the better team based on finishing with a slightly better regular season record than a Cavs team that clearly took their foot off the gas to rest up for their postseason run. The C's can probably steal a game or two in Boston, so I'll say Cleveland in 6.

Alex Kungu: This season from the beginning has been built up round 3 of the Cavaliers v. Warriors and that’s what the playoffs have looked like too from an outside looking in point of view. Cavaliers have the better roster and the best player in the game, and at this stage the Celtics are just playing with house money. If Boston is going to have any chance of making this competitive then they have to win Wednesday night. People have made a big deal about the Cavaliers getting all this rest, but there’s also a chance that it could backfire and make them lose a bit of that player mentality because of all that time they’ve had off. Now of course, that won’t really last long, but if it does show up it’ll happen in Game 1, and the Celtics will have to pounce. But all in all, this is probably where the road ends for the Celtics, and I’m going to go with Cavaliers in 5.

Bill Sy: Right now, all I want is a Game 5 in Boston. I want the Celtics to punch the Cavaliers in the mouth in one of these first four games. If they get gentlemanly swept at home and the Garden crowd gives this team the ovation it deserves, I’d be ecstatic with this season. But let’s say Boston guts out a Game 5 win, puts enough doubt in Cleveland’s mind and steals back HCA in Game 6, I’ll agree with Keith: there’s magic back in the parquet and anything can happen in a Game 7.

Jared Weiss: Cavs in 6. Celtics split at home early, then win Game 5 with their backs against the wall. This would be an over achievement against a Cleveland team that has flipped the switch as hard as possible. Unless Jae Crowder has been drinking a fountain of youth elixir the past 24 hours, LeBron is going to have a triumphant series. The fact the Celtics have had their chip placed back on their shoulder gives them enough motivation to fight their way to at least a win in this series.

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