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What’s your series prediction after a Game 1 win for the Celtics?

After a Game 1 win, the Celtics looked like the clear favorite, but the playoffs are all about adjustments and the Wizards are one of the most improved teams in the East.

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After a convincing Game 1 victory, what's your prediction for the rest of the series.

Keith Smith: Sticking with my original prediction of Celtics in 7. But if Morris isn't able to play and be effective, then I reserve the right to adjust my prediction to Celtics in less than 7. Washington simply doesn't have enough quality big depth to get around an injury to one of their key players.

Sean Penney: I'm going with Celtics in 7, assuming the Morris injury isn't serious. He claims he'll play Tuesday night, but I'm skeptical after seeing the way his ankle bent. If he's out or severely hindered by the injury throughout the series then it may not make it past Game 5. Washington is very thin up front, taking away an advantage other teams have exploited against the Celtics.

NBA: Playoffs-Washington Wizards at Boston Celtics Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Sy: This is where the 2-2-1-1-1 format is too much in favor of the home team. Having Game 5 in Boston is such a huge advantage. Not only do you get to start at home, but that pivotal game is also in the Garden. I think Washington is going to win a game over the next three—maybe even Game 2—but Boston closes it out next Wednesday.

Alex Kungu: Celtics in 6. The Wizards are not a deep team and it has been further compounded by the injuries. Meanwhile the Celtics have found their rhythm and the perfect way to maximize this offense. I’m actually tempted to go Celtics in 5 because the loss of Markieff Morris really hampers the Wizards ability to match the Celtics small-ball play since he’s the primary small-ball 5. But look out for potential a potential Ian Mahinmi return, he could also fill that role and stabilize what is looking like a very shaky roster in Washington.

Jeff Clark: Sticking with Celtics in 7. This is a really good Wizards team and if they get anything out of Morris they'll be even better.

Jared Weiss: My prediction in the pre-series roundtable was Celtics would win Game 1 behind an IT adrenaline-filled performance that would match his Game 1 in the Bulls series. He literally scored 33 points both nights. I then expected the Celtics to drop Game 2 and eventually win the series in seven. But if Morris is really hurt, and John Wall is hobbling as Nate Duncan noted on the Dunc’d On pod today, then this could end a little sooner. Celtics in 6 if Morris is unable to play or is barely functioning. The Wizards’ once reinforced bench is crumbling and the Celtics’ bench rotations may ironically be the death blow to Washington in this series.

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