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Amir Johnson to Start Game 2 of Celtics v Wizards if Markieff Morris Starts

Celtics coach Brad Stevens said he will go back to his usual starting lineup with Amir Johnson if Markieff Morris is able to play through his ankle sprain suffered in Game 1.

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Update: Morris will play after going through warmups less than an hour before tip.

BOSTON – Amir is back! Maybe?

Brad Stevens announced before Game 2 he plans to start Amir Johnson, contingent upon Markieff Morris being able to start for the Wizards.

Wizard coach Scott Brooks said Morris will be a game time decision in the truest sense of the word, testing his ankle up to tip off to see if he can give it a go.

Kelly Oubre will start at the three and Otto Porter will move up to the four if Morris can't play. But Stevens is preparing for his team to go against Morris playing his best regardless.

“If he’s cleared to play, then you have to expect that he’s cleared to play his best,” Stevens said. “Anybody that’s had a sprained ankle knows that depending on the severity of the sprain, it’s going to be tough. But once you get in the game, adrenaline takes over. That guy is a really good player, so you have to plan for his 100%.”

The Celtics are all quiet on the injury front, except for Isaiah Thomas’ grill. After popping out a tooth on Otto Porter’s elbow in Game 1, Thomas had to have oral surgery to treat several teeth. He was all smiles before the game, holding a mock press conference with his son before heading to the locker room.

“The tooth that was knocked out was not the only one that was affected.,” Stevens said. “He had some other issues there. He was getting oral surgery yesterday. A few hours after practice ended, he came by the office for a minute, but was still - don’t know if he went back to the dentist today or back to the hospital today to work on it some more.

“He’s continued to have some work on it. He’s good to go tonight, but he’s still in a pretty good deal of pain. He’s got a swollen mouth, but they say he’s doing really well from a recovery standpoint, which is positive.”

Thomas will wear a custom made mouthpiece to protect the surgery, but coach has seen those things mysteriously disappear in the past.

“I think that they made him some custom mouthpieces or whatever. And that will be strongly encouraged and sometimes when guys are strongly encouraged to wear those, they wear them. And sometimes they throw them. So we’ll see.”

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