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Will LeBron James have a revenge game against the Celtics in Game 4?

The Celtics say they’re ready.

Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Three Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

We've seen this movie before. How many points for LeBron tonight? 40? 60? 100?

Keith Smith: LeBron James is probably going for points in the high 30s at least, maybe 40 plus. He's going to get to the line a bunch too. Something like 15 free throw attempts feels about right. And he'll also grab a bunch of rebounds and total a ton of assists. This might be a triple-double, evisceration time of effort from him. For whatever reason, he wasn't engaged in Game 3. Expect to see a different, much more scary version of James in Game 4.

Lachlan Marr: LeBron is probably going to go off, and there’s little or nothing that can be done about it unfortunately. LeBron is used to a high level of scrutiny from the fans and media, but his post-game comments showed that LeBron is his own harshest critic. He has little left to prove to the basketball world as he’s already cemented his status as one of the all-time greats, yet he still has plenty to prove to himself and that is a dangerous prospect.

Alex Kungu: I’m expecting a 30/10/8 performance, and I’m also hoping Love or Irving isn’t as good as they were in Game 3. LeBron James is a prideful guy, but I also don’t think he feels the need to go crazy because in his eyes the Celtics aren’t a team good enough to go 100% against. Last season, his team even let the Raptors come all the way back and make it a 2-2 series against the Cavs before he buried them. James may be more aggressive on Tuesday, but he won’t be pressing to prove anything.

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