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Would Chris Bosh be a good fit in Boston?

Take your money and run Chris

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Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat have come to an agreement on a separation that would allow Bosh to get out from the grips of the Heat while also releasing the Heat of the burden of his huge contract (thanks to insurance coverages). With Bosh officially on his way to becoming a free agent, there’s already a discussion on where he may fit considering that he’ll most likely be able to sign a relatively cheap contract. With the Celtics looking for size and a possible boost to the second unit, could Chris Bosh be an option?

Assuming for a second that Chris Bosh would become the player that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing then the fit could end up being intriguing. He most likely would be coming off the bench wherever he plays, and his type of offensive presence would be a welcomed addition to just about any team. Before his career was derailed by blood clots, Bosh was averaging, 19.1ppg, 7.4rpg, and 2.4apg while shooting 36.5% from three on 4.2 attempts. Bosh had become the heart of the Miami Heat team and a player that could be relied on to produce on both ends of the court.

In a hypothetical scenario in Boston, his skill- set would be most valuable as a cheaper Olynyk replacement. If the Celtics are able to land a Gordon Hayward and have to part ways with some of their other bigs, having Bosh there as a reserve scorer could be good for a 2nd unit that will be even younger than this years team. Even if he all Bosh could give you was 10-20 minutes on a given night, the maturity and championship pedigree he could bring to such a young squad could make the investment worth it.

However, there is a second and more somber reality to this situation. The Miami Heat are letting Chris Bosh go because they don’t believe he can safely play the game of basketball again without risking his well-being. The fact that an insurance will be paying the remainder of his contract should tell you enough about how real that concern is. Bosh is a serious health risk, and I’m sure every team will need to think twice, then think twice again before exploring signing Bosh to an NBA contract. The potential of having a Hank Gathers situation will most likely lead to a majority of teams not even considering the possibility of his services. “Do you want to be the franchise that enabled him to risk his life?” Is a question every NBA front office will have to make.

Furthermore, there’s still a possibility that Bosh could just retire and call it quits. He will already be promised his money, and at the age of 33, you have to imagine that there may not be much left in the tank. Back in January, Bosh said this while speaking at CSE gadget show in Las Vegas:

““I’m still learning more about myself and my situation, and really off the court how to function there because I’m kind of getting the taste of retirement now…. Just trying to navigate those waters because it gets a little complicated sometimes. ... Hoping one day that the stars align and I figure some things out and things kind of just go my way and I’ll be able to do what I want to do. I don’t know what that is yet.”

However, when being interviewed by Larry King, Bosh said he believed that he would return to NBA action, but when asked about whether he misses the game said:

“I do, but a certain part of me doesn’t. I’ve come to enjoy different aspects of life like there’s a lot of life out there. Because as basketball players really only do that and that’s it. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my kids, I’ve enjoyed spending time with my wife, and just kind [of], relaxing and working on my mind and my soul.”

At 33, Chris Bosh is still a young guy with a wife, kids, and a long life to live. As much as we’d all love to see him play on the court again, no one would be upset if he took his financial stability and found a new love that didn’t have such dire consequences.

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