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Celtics roster review series

We’re kicking off the offseason by doing a comprehensive Celtics Roster Review article for each player on the Celtics roster. These posts are our attempts to take stock of where the team is heading into the summer. Hope you enjoy.

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The Boston Celtics are done for the year but the offseason is just getting started. In order to know where we are going, we have to first take a look back. The staff of CelticsBlog is going to take the next few weeks taking a long look at each player that was on the roster at the end of the season.  We'll look back at how they performed this season and how they may or may not fit into the team's plans going forward.

Here's the schedule (subject to change):

  • 5/31 Isaiah Thomas
  • 6/1 Avery Bradley
  • 6/2 Jae Crowder
  • 6/3 Al Horford
  • 6/4 Amir Johnson
  • 6/5 Marcus Smart
  • 6/6 Kelly Olynyk
  • 6/7 Jaylen Brown
  • 6/8 Terry Rozier
  • 6/9 Gerald Green
  • 6/10 Jonas Jerebko
  • 6/11 Tyler Zeller
  • 6/12 James Young
  • 6/13 Jordan Mickey
  • 6/14 Demetrius Jackson
  • 6/15 Brad Stevens

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