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Boston Celtics confirm Isaiah Thomas has everything but a broken jaw

After WEEI’s Glenn Ordway reported Isaiah Thomas was playing with a broken jaw, Danny Ainge came out to clarify that was not the case.

Washington Wizards v Boston Celtics - Game One Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

After a report from WEEI’s Glenn Ordway claimed Isaiah Thomas had a fractured jaw, the Boston Celtics publicly clarified that is not the case Friday, releasing an official statement detailing the medical situation. Earlier in the day, Danny Ainge came out to deny the report.

The Celtics then released their official statement.

The statement reads:

“As a result of a collision that occurred in Game 1 of the Boston Celtics’ Eastern Conference Semifinals series against the Washington Wizards, Isaiah Thomas sustained multiple front teeth injuries including a complete fractured tooth and two other subluxed/shifted teeth that required extensive oral surgery to stabilize. He did not suffer a fractured or broken jaw.

“Thomas is currently wearing a four-piece temporary bridge that cracked after being re-injured. This necessitated a replacement at halftime during Game 3 of the series. The spanning bridge is necessary to protect and stabilize the injuries. Members of the Celtics medical staff anticipated the need to replace the temporary bridges, and are prepared at any time to do so. Thomas will receive a permanent bridge at a future date.”

The rumors swirled when WEEI show host Glenn Ordway detailed how the tooth injury caused a jaw fracture. WEEI revised its story after the Celtics statement.

"He fractured his jaw. That's what happened. The elbow hit his jaw and then what ended up happening is that tooth had no support system off the bone and the complete tooth came out. It was fractured deep inside and it popped out and he had two others that apparently were displaced. This is not a cosmetic thing. This is not, 'Oh, big deal. He looks like a hockey player. He's lost three teeth and can go out there and look funny.' No, he not only has pain, but he has a situation in which three teeth have been totally displaced. He has to concentrate on what he's doing. Apparently they took him in and it was a fairly serious situation where they had to put him under and everything else."

When asked Friday if the claims by Ordway were true, Brad Stevens told reporters it was news to him.

"I have not heard anything about that," Stevens said on a media conference call Friday. "If that was the case then I know nothing about that. Obviously, he's got the tooth issue and it affected a couple of his teeth there in that row. But I have heard nothing about a fractured jaw. Obviously, that would be really concerning."

Thomas has been playing through the pain and discomfort the entire series, scoring 33, 53 and 13 points in the first three games respectively.

After damaging 3 teeth and scoring point totals ending in 3s in the 3 games this series featuring teams that are 3 seeds apart, it remains unclear if the Illuminati has yet decided who will win the series.

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