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What will be the punishment for the Kelly Oubre on Kelly Olynyk crime?

Kelly Oubre got up, charged twenty feet, and shoved Kelly Olynyk and a ref. Draymond Green got suspended in the Finals for less.

Boston Celtics v Washington Wizards - Game Three Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

The Kelly on Kelly crime still has punishment to be doled out. Former Executive Vice President of the NBA Stu Jackson didn’t think he should be. The First Take crew was split. Should Kelly Oubre be suspended?

Alex Kungu: In a perfect world you’d like to see your team go against the other team at full strength and beat them. So I’m usually against players being suspended during playoff series, however, this one needs to happen. For all the complaining the Wizards do about unnecessary contact they receive, it’s been very one-sided in terms of premeditated cheap shots by Washington. The league needs to send a message that there’s a fine line between playing hard and aggressive and playing dangerous and maliciously. So with that being said, Kelly Oubre Jr. absolutely has to be suspended.

Jeff Clark: I don't see how he wouldn't be. I'm unfamiliar with the letter of the law, but if the spirit of the law is to prevent fighting, that's as clear an example of a guy going after someone as I've seen in a while.

Washington Wizards v Boston Celtics - Game Two Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Keith Smith: Yes. It is understandable while Oubre Jr. was upset, but the way he charged at Olynyk and also touched the official means he should get at least one game.

Bill Sy: Referee Monty McCutchen told the scorers’ table that Oubre’s actions were “excessive and unnecessary and (he was) acting as an escalator.” Them’s fighting words and thus, he should be suspended for at least a game. We can argue the semantics between a push and shove or whether or not Olynyk flopped, but the bottom line is that Oubre acted out of anger and for a lack of a better word, picked a fight. Unfortunately for the Celtics, even though Oubre is an integral part of the Wizards’ rotation, he hasn’t been great in this series:

Lachlan Marr: I’m with Alex in that you always want to see teams face-off at full strength. However, Kelly Oubre’s assault on Kelly Olynyk is one of the most egregious examples of pre-meditated, unnecessary contact delivered with malicious intent of recent memory. This has been a fairly physical series already and if the officials don’t do something to stamp out this kind of reckless aggression things will only escalate. Obviously myself and everyone else on this thread are biased but I honestly believe if the shoe was on the other foot and a Celtics’ player had rushed at a Wizards’ player in the same manner I would be expecting them to be suspended, play like that simply doesn’t belong on a basketball court.

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