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Amir Johnson will start game 4 for Celtics

Brad Stevens elects to go big to start.

Boston Celtics v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Brad Stevens announced today that he’ll start Amir Johnson for the start of game 4.

Most fans wanted him to go small and start rookie Jaylen Brown or Marcus Smart. In fact, most of the staff wanted nothing to do with Johnson in the starting lineup.

Should the Celtics go big in Game 4? - CelticsBlog

Should Amir Johnson play more, starting or otherwise?

Alex Kungu: No. Absolutely not. No.

Jeff Clark: I'd go the other way, just go super small and keep them guessing.

Some, however, were much more complimentary.

Keith Smith: Johnson should probably see some spot minutes off the bench, if not start. But Stevens has to be very quick to change if things aren't working. He can't let it ride and let the team fall into a deep hole once again.

Bill Sy: What scared me on Thursday night was Washington’s ability to run pick-and-roll in small spaces and because of their size, make easy passes for easy buckets.

Amir is one of the best defenders on the roll (0.72 PPP) and I like Horford acting as a help defender on the weak side.

Either way, it seems like Stevens will roll with Amir and employ a quick hook if things don’t work out.

Stevens also made the point that it is important for everyone in the starting lineup to start off well, not just whomever gets the starting nod. We’ll see how it goes.

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