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Draymond Green calls Kelly Olynyk a dirty player

The master of crotch-kicking weighs in on the Olynyk vs. Oubre.

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Despite being on the receiving end of a spear from Wizards wing Kelly Oubre during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, Warriors big man Draymond Green called Kelly Olynyk a “dirty player” on his UNINTERRUPTED podcast today. Props to SB Nation NBA’s Tim Cato for the following transcription of the podcast from around the 11:30 mark of the episode:

“Yeah, man, that was crazy. Kelly Oubre got suspended for Kelly Olynyk flopping. I mean, that man took a charge on a push. Like, c’mon man. Kelly Oubre hit (referee) Monty McCutchen harder than he hit Olynyk! And he, like ... c’mon man, how you gonna take a charge like that?

And, Kelly Olynyk is a dirty player. You do little stuff dirty and you want to take a charge or something. C’mon, man. Oubre (didn’t) hit him that hard and (he) shouldn’t have been suspended. You already kicked him out of the game. So essentially, he’s getting a game-and-a-half suspension for that? Like KD said last night, then they wonder why they call the league soft? C’mon, man. It’s playoff basketball and things are going to get like that. Did he really do something to harm somebody? Like, c’mon man. That’s ridiculous. Like, why did he get suspended?


He’s dirty. Dirty player. I don’t respect guys like that. I know he’s not like the greatest basketball player of all time, so maybe you feel like you gotta do that, but you don’t, like ... just dirty. I don’t respect that. He dirty.

Given Green’s dicey history of dirty play, most notably his kick to the crotch of LeBron James in Game 4 of last year’s NBA Finals, it seems fairly hypocritical of him to weigh in on this issue, not to mention that Oubre threw gasoline on the fire by running through a referee to attack Olynyk in a dead-ball situation.

Sure, this isn’t the first time Olynyk hasn’t been involved in a postseason scuffle. He’s responsible for injuring Kevin Love’s shoulder in the first round of the 2015 playoffs, a move that would cause Love to miss the remainder of the Cavaliers’ postseason run. Maybe there is a lot of talk around the league regarding Olynyk’s reputation among players, but Green is probably not the best person to tackle this topic.

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