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No Hayward? No Griffin? What’s plan B for the Celtics?

Boston is an attractive, but if the Celtics strikes out in free agency, Danny Ainge could opt to run it back with its young players.

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Sean Penney: I don't see another realistic free agent target worthy of a max deal and I'm not interested in trading either Brooklyn pick for a short term fix like Jimmy Butler or Paul George. If they strike out with Hayward than they should look to sign someone like Danilo Gallinari or Nerlens Noel to a shorter, cheaper deal. Retain more future flexibility and keep building for the long run.

Keith Smith: The Celtics should at least evaluate the option of Blake Griffin. He'd be an amazing fit next to Al Horford. Most know Griffin and score and rebound, but his passing and ball handling is underrated. He average over 5 assists per game last year and that would fit nicely in the Celtics system of asking all five players to be able to pass. His injury history is scary and it would take a max offer, but the potential is worth it.

If not Hayward or Griffin, then the Celtics should focus on short term deal that are considered slight overpays. They could bring in two players for what it would cost to sign one max guy. A player like Danilo Gallinari would be a great fit on a two year contract that would give him more money, but over a shorter team.

If Boston strikes out, the whole idea is to keep the cap sheet as clean as possibility and to maintain flexibility going forward. They've worked too hard to let missing out on a max free agent this summer ruin the plan. Just continue building incrementally and moving forward with what the team already has.

Jeff Clark: I hate to say it, but if the Celtics strike out on Hayward, I'm kind of leaning towards just running it back with minor changes around the edges. I'd consider going after Blake Griffin on a shorter deal if he'd accept it but I'm not sure that he would. I'd make phone calls to the Bulls and Pacers but I'd still want to hold on to Markelle and the 2018 Nets pick so the conversations might be short. I'd even consider calling the Cavs about Kevin Love but I'm not sure if there's a deal that makes sense for both sides.

It might be prudent to use our cap space to re-up Isaiah Thomas now and maybe give Kelly Olynyk a market deal. Then you can continue to shop guys like Bradley, Crowder, and Olynyk if a quality big man becomes available during the season. So basically run it back with Fultz and Zizic and any vet min big guys you can get to fill out the roster.

Los Angeles Clippers v New York Knicks Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Alex Kungu: My first thought is to say that the Celtics should simply sign guys to short-term deals, keep slots open for their young guys to grow into, and prepare for the 2020 or 2021 free agency class. But I also see where Blake Griffin could be an interesting piece. The injury history is concerning, and it's no promise throughout the course of his contract that he would be available for most of it. However, if you do get a healthy Griffin for three season, this Celtics team would have one of the most skilled and versatile front courts in basketball, and they'd be throwing lineups on the court where 3-4 guys could run the offense. That's huge when combined with a strong coach. Unfortunately, I just don't see how anyone could see Griffin the past three seasons and have any faith that he'd be able to stay on the court consistently enough to reap the benefits of the max contract you'd have to pay to keep him.

Bill Sy: I tweeted this out earlier in the week, but IF it didn’t cost too much (i.e. Zeller, Rozier, plus Celtics ‘18 pick or Grizzlies or Clippers ‘19 pick) and IF Ainge can’t convince Gallo or Griffin or Millsap to take a rich short term deal and IF there’s some sort of hand shake or wink that he terminates the final year of his contract, I might accept board the Carmelo-to-Boston train. That’s a lot of IF’s and here are even more qualifiers. I want Olympics Carmelo Anthony, not ISO Knicks Carmelo Anthony. I want the Carmelo that can be a 3rd option finisher that isn’t the primary ball handler in an offense but can create his own shot from time to time. And then I want to trade him to the Cavaliers for Kevin Love when LeBron decides to crew up the Banana Boat.

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