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Is the Boston Celtics - Markelle Fultz marriage meant to be?

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With the 2017 Draft less than a week away, there are plenty of rumors, smokescreens, and news regarding teams jockeying for position for their favorite prospects. A clear #1 overall prospect like Fultz being in the mix means having the number-one pick hasn’t led to much drama. Lately, we have tried to drum some up as a result of boredom:

What about Josh Jackson? What are the trade-down options? Could we still trade the pick for an established star? Blah, blah, blah.

Sometimes the basketball universe aligns perfectly, and we need not overthink things. Fultz should be in green this season, and this photo is reason #928 why:

Yes. That is Markelle Fultz posing next to an old-school Mercedes with “BCELTIC” (all caps) on the license plate. Fultz took these photos while on a recent visit to his alma mater as he prepares for the draft. A curious car, right? According to DeMatha High School, of which Fultz is a graduate, this car used to belong to Red Auerbach and was passed on to his nephew Ric MacPherson who graduated from DeMatha in 1965.

Markelle Fultz '16 sitting on Red Auerbach's Celtic Mercedes, which Red left to his nephew Ric MacPherson '65.

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What are the odds? This is too perfect and slightly unbelievable. The best prospect in the draft went to the same college as our best player and, through a series of distant, almost cosmic, connections, went to the same high school as a relative of the iconic Celtics owner.

With all the overthinking and hypothesizing that comes every year around this time, it’s easy to get a little lost. But, sometimes the stars align to point us in the most obvious direction and the right answer is the easiest answer.

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