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NBA trade rumor: Updates on the Sixers - Celtics trade discussions

Will Philly pay a king’s ransom?

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Multiple reports confirm that Markelle Fultz will fly to Philly to work out for the team and taking a physical. That could pave the way to the teams completing the much talked about trade of the #1 pick for the #3 pick and additional considerations.

Just what are those considerations? Woj tells us what could be in play.

That 2018 Lakers pick might end up being the #1 pick next year, or at least give us two shots (along with the Nets pick) of landing there again. Adding in another future 1st from Philly isn’t bad either. All for the right to move back two spots. That’s pretty good value. Depending on the protections mentioned, you could argue that the Sixers are overpaying considerably.

On the other hand, if you talk to anyone who roots for the Sixers you’ll discover that they are more than happy to overpay for the chance to land the top pick. There’s a reason for that. You win titles with the best of the best, not lots of great value picks.

Still, you can’t know how this is going to turn out. We don’t know all the cards that Ainge has to play. We were all puzzled when Ainge landed Ray Allen on draft night and it wasn’t till weeks later that everything came together.

This deal still hasn’t been finalized, no matter how sure some in the media make it sound. If it happens, we’ll have to hold our breath and see what Danny Ainge does with his continually growing hoard of draft picks.

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