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NBA Trade update: 76ers expected to send Celtics heavily protected Lakers pick

Markelle Fultz will be heading to the 76ers. Where the Celtics go from here is now anybody’s guess.

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The two future picks that the Celtics were expected to receive, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, in their forthcoming trade with the 76ers has now been reduced to one pick.

Adam Himmelsbach first clarified that the Celts are getting one, not two, future picks from the Sixers.

Wojnarowski then clarified that the Celtics will receive the 2018 Lakers first rounder if it is between the second and fifth overall pick. If it’s anything else, then it will remain in the Sixers’ possession and C’s will get the 2019 Kings pick unprotected. Celts will also get the third overall pick this year now.

The update is a massive disappointment after it originally appeared that Boston was coming away with Philadelphia’s two most valuable picks. Keith Smith reported that league executives are expecting the C’s to move this pick in another deal, but these protections could complicate that effort.

For now, the C’s will be able to keep Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier in their backcourt while still selecting a top prospect and creating room for a max free agent. The Celts believe that there are multiple elite prospects at the top of the draft.

This deal looked like an effort for the Celts to get the picks they’d need to acquire a player like Jimmy Butler to use as momentum to sign a max free agent this summer. That is still possible, but for now all that is certain is that once this trade is done on Monday the widely-held dream of Markelle Fultz in a Celtics uniform is over.

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