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CelticsBlog Roundtable: who is in the starting lineup in three years?

Danny Ainge has drafted Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown in the lottery and (for now) has another pick on Thursday night. Will this trio be the future of the Celtics?

NBA: Playoffs-Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Smith: Just for fun, since I copped out on the rotation question, I'll put names to this one: Isaiah Thomas, Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown, Blake Griffin, Al Horford.

Thomas re-signs after the team adds Hayward and Griffin. Horford is in the last year of his contract. Brown has blossomed into a starter. I also believe Avery Bradley is still around, but has been pushed to the bench to fill a role as a much better shooting Tony Allen-type, where he's a sixth starter in terms of minutes and impact.

Bill Sy: Alright, I’ll play.

Isaiah Thomas - Jimmy Butler - Jaylen Brown - Gordon Hayward - Ante Zizic

NBA: All Star Saturday Night Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas gets that max deal next summer, but the headlines from this off-season will pave the road for the future: Ainge trades for Butler and signs Hayward. Despite the reports last night that Butler wants to stick around Chicago, he gets dealt. With Dwyane Wade (selfishly) opting in for next year, the Bulls have little room for improvement and are destined for treadmill of mediocrity. People will credit the Butler and Brad Stevens connection, but Hayward chooses the Celtics because it’s his best path to the Finals with Cleveland in a compromised position and the East in shambles. Brown has matured into a solid small forward after his fourth year in the league and become Boston’s two-way player. Al Horford is in the final year of his contract but has ceded the starting center duties to Ante Zizic. Horford, Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, and Jayson Tatum anchor a bench unit with whoever the Celtics take with that final Brooklyn pick.

Alex Kungu:

Marcus Smart-Josh Jackson-Jaylen Brown-Gordon Hayward- Ante Zizic

Bench: Terry Rozier, (Vet guard), Michael Porter Jr., Mosses Brown

In this weird scenario, Marcus Smart takes a step and begins to look like a bigger Kyle Lowry, making the decision to let Isaiah Thomas go to Milwaukee Bucks a little bit easier to swallow. After a few years of being key reserves Jackson and Brown show the Celtics coaching staff enough and are promoted to be the new starting wings. Hayward grows to love playing the front court and moves over to full-time small-ball 4, and Zizic becomes a Steven Adams-type. If you don’t notice the names on the bench, do yourself a favor and go on Youtube, I dream big.

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