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NBA Trade Rumor: Celtics may be looking to move down again - targeting Dennis Smith Jr.

Wait, what?

North Carolina State v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Here’s another rumor for you to digest. Danny Ainge might be looking to trade down in the NBA Draft yet again.

Danny Ainge keeping everyone guessing on eve of NBA Draft | Boston Herald

One NBA exec told the Herald that Ainge would love to find a way to get North Carolina State point guard Dennis Smith Jr., who isn’t rated as high as the third overall pick. Another said the Celts were looking at perhaps moving down in the draft again and picking up another asset for their trouble.

So even though he passed on the highest ranked point guard in years, Danny’s love affair with point guards apparently continues unabated.

Seriously though, Smith Jr. was ranked very highly headed into this season and slipped in part due to health concerns. So if Ainge really thinks he’s one of the best prospects in the draft, he might as well pick up another asset and still get his guy.

On the other hand, Bulpett quotes one GM “We call him the minister of disinformation. He’s putting a lot of stuff out there.” So maybe all of this is just more smoke.

Crazy times leading up to a potentially crazy draft night for the Celtics.

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