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NBA Trade Rumor: Cavs looking to trade Kevin Love for Butler or George

Could the Celtics be involved as the 3rd team?

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Five Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

There are persistent rumors that the Cavs are looking to make a trade (despite their GM being let go). Perhaps giving up Kevin Love in exchange for either Jimmy Butler or Paul George.

Cavaliers pursuing trades ahead of NBA Draft, possible Chauncey Billups deal |

Meanwhile, Cleveland's front-office personnel left over after Griffin's departure, including Koby Altman, who is essentially Cleveland's acting GM, worked furiously Wednesday pursuing trade possibilities. A source said Gilbert's primary focus was there -- in pursuing a trade -- ahead of finishing Billups' deal.

Before Griffin left, he created the framework for separate deals in which Love would go to a third team with a high draft choice Thursday, and in return the Cavs would get either Butler from Chicago or George from Indiana.

Two sources said work would continue Thursday morning in attempt to make something happen in the trade market.

The Celtics have a high draft choice and a need for a guy like Kevin Love. They have had interest in Love in the past. Perhaps this is the move they’ve been working on leading up to the draft. That’s just speculation on my part. I haven’t seen any direct rumors connecting these dots, but it seems to make some sense.

Love would provide rebounding and stretch scoring next to Al Horford. Butler’s price-tag seems to be higher than George’s right now, but other pieces could be in play as well. Also, adding Love might require the Celtics to use up precious cap space that they’ve been protecting for so long.

Still, this seems like something to keep an eye on at least.

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