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NBA Free Agency rumor: Gordon Hayward to meet with Boston Celtics on Monday

With details emerging about the star forward’s free agency schedule the Celtics look to make their move

NBA: Utah Jazz at Boston Celtics Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

With NBA free agency looming some crucial details regarding Celtics’ target and current Utah Jazz swingman Gordon Hayward’s schedule have begun to emerge. Multiple sources have confirmed that Hayward will meet with the Jazz front offices on Monday two days after the moratorium, which leaves the 27-year-old forward time to meet with other interested parties.

Sources around the league have stated that Hayward will be meeting with the Miami Heat on Saturday. Meanwhile at the time of writing it is yet to be confirmed exactly when Hayward plans to meet with the Celtics. But multiple reports indicate that Hayward will be coming to Boston to hear an offer, likely on Sunday.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Jorge Sedano is reporting that Hayward will be visiting Boston on Monday following trips to Miami on Saturday and Utah on Monday.

UPDATE: Looks like it’s Miami on Saturday, Boston on Sunday, and Utah gets the last visit on Monday.

It’s no secret that the Celtics are interested in Hayward. The fact that Hayward played for Coach Brad Stevens has probably been a little overstated and possibly “horribly overblown.” But the versatile forward would be a perfect fit in Stevens’ system and since Hayward’s emergence as an All-Star and a genuine two-way threat he’s become a key target for the Celtics.

The Celtics still need to clear cap space in order to offer Hayward an outright max contract, but with a few small changes to their current roster composition they can easily clear the space.

With Miami interested and Utah obviously wanting to hold onto someone they consider a franchise player the Celtics will have to pull out all the stops if they want to convince Hayward to come compete in Boston. But Danny Ainge is not a man known for being unprepared so I’m sure his approach will be pitch perfect.

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